This World is not going to Bring Me Down – by John D’Amico

This world is not going to bring me down

This world is not going to bring me down-

            Hurt me – I will recover

            Reject me – I will keep trying

            Block me from being all that I can be – I will go around you.

If I make a mistake – I will learn

If I lose a job – I will find another

If I fail – I will figure it out and succeed.

If I harm you in anyway –

            I will apologize, learn from it, and grow into a better person

The world is confusing –

            Filled with (and often run by) –

                        Greedy, power hungry, corrupt, and violent people

                        With few morals, ethics, conscience or

                                    Concern for others – and it never seems to change.

But I refuse to be overcome by it!

I love and I am loved by –

            My family

            My true friends

                        And God.

I love nature, beauty, peace

            and people of goodwill from all faiths and all countries.

I respect myself

            and I respect you.

These strengths are my security.

This world is not going to bring me down –

                                                                                    But I know it’s going to try.


I Don’t Know Why by John D’Amico

I don't know why

I don’t know why

            some people are cruel, violent,

                        greedy, dishonest

            Why they have no sense of kindness

                        or caring for anyone,

            can’t be reasonable, or reasoned with

            don’t grow, learn, improve

                        or see any other point of view.

I don’t know why

            the many descent people in the world

                        are so often manipulated and used by the few

                        for war, power and profits,

                                                            played for fools.

I don’t know why

            it never seems to change-

                        why we all don’t demand better.

But with more people of goodwill, strength of character and pride of


            in government and education

                        business, media and the arts

with parents who love, respect and

            cherish their children and each other-

I do know what is possible.

I do know

            we can change.

What You Needed Me to Be by John D’Amico

What you needed me to be 3

I was what you needed me to be

            when you needed me to be it.

When you needed to hear words of comfort

            and truth

I spoke in a language you could understand

            gentle wisdom in a harsh and

                        confusing world

With hugs, smiles and commitment

            I expressed my love

                        as your devoted parent

to the kind and caring

                        vibrant and responsible

                                                strong and peaceful

                        intelligent and beautiful

                                                person you are.

I know you got it

                        you heard it

                                    you felt it

I’d like you to know

            that’s all I’ll ever need.

When I Hold Your Hand by John D’Amico

When I hold your hand

When I hold your hand

            I feel pleasure

                        I feel power

                                    I feel love.

I feel connected


in-touch with the elusive

harmony of the world

and protected from its ever present harm.

When I hold your hand

I know that all I dream

and care about is within my reach

I believe

I achieve

I belong

when I hold your hand.

Birthdays Past a Certain Age by John D’Amico


It’s my birthday

I’m not sure how I feel-

I’m not quite sure how I am

supposed to feel


Am I leaving something behind?

Am I losing strength, agility, earning

power, social status-

Will I face age discrimination in the

workplace and in the community-


Am I no longer the “key” demographic for the

marketplace – do my opinions

carry NO clout?


Still, I’m really the same person I’ve always been-

physically fit, mentally sound

smarter than I’ve ever been, full of

energy, curiosity and desire-

I want to just be me,


Can I do that in America?

Probably not.

Can I do that anywhere?

I don’t know


I do not know.


I will look at this day as an


to build on and enjoy-


To feel the power and pleasure

of experience

and proceed on this

journey, engaged and empowered.


Society seeks to punish people with a

prejudice that begins at a certain age-

but I am the best me ever,


And I feel fine!


Can we talk? by John D’Amico

Can we talk?

Can we talk?

            Most powerful words

When we talk

            We listen

                        We learn

                                    We try to understand.

We make informed decisions

We take action.

Maybe we fight, but for the right reasons – may we won’t fight at all.

Sometimes we heal.


In life, in love

in politics, in government,

in the world

some who say they’re strong

are afraid to talk (to anyone unlike them)

to listen

to understand

to care.

With all the words used to lie,

to cheat

to harm

to hate

A word of caution…


Use the power of your intelligence, common sense and humanity with

an honest heart,

And don’t be afraid to

have your say

to listen

to ask…

Can we talk?

A Peaceful Snow by John D’Amico


All the world could use a peaceful snow.

     It falls gently as if to cover imperfections

          a blanket of comfort

                a frozen time-out from the constant heat of conflict, confrontation and confusion.

It paints a portrait of peace and possibilities

as it colors landscapes with new shades of stillness, strength and serenity.

Each home becomes a cozy cottage,

a shelter from fear

a place to come together and share the warmth in our hearts.


because the snow melts

we see imperfections.

Because the snow melts

the warmth is easily lost

Because the snow melts

violence and war, terror and hate, greed and injustice are

always in season.

From the tropics to the tundra, the world could use a “peaceful” snow.

Then we could all sit under a comfortable blanket, in a cozy cottage with warmth in our hearts, protected by the power of a “snow” that falls in the universal climate of peace and good will.

I’m Still Me by John D’Amico


I’m still me.

      Years have passed…

           Lightening fast…

               I’m now my perfect age.

                                               I’m still me.

But we live by a timetable

and the schedule is posted.

Be. Feel. Do. The things you are supposed to…

Based on your birthday

Then go away.

Not for me.


Just Relax by John D’Amico


Could you please just relax?

            Could you please jut enjoy…

your days

your nights

your life?




It’s all a puzzle and a pleasure – relax.


It’s really all right

all right to be confused-

all right to be nervous-

all right to try and fail

experience and learn

all right to succeed-


All right to be just who you are


So please, just relax


Please, just enjoy


It really is all right!